Harvest by The Patio


Spirited Beverages

Craft cocktails meticulously prepared with the same love, passion, and sustainability as our food.

Carnation Factory

Hatch Chile-Infused Vodka, Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, Pineapple, Lime, Honey, Shishito Pepper Garnish

An Aztec and An Italian Walk Into a Bar

Mezcal, Amaro Nonino, Orange Cordial, Cold Brew Rinse, Coffee Bitters

Peter Picked a Pepper

Cachaca, Serrano & Orange-Infused Green Chartreuse, Lime, Demerara, Mezcal Rince, Smoked Salt

Teller’s Mule

Sweet Lime-Infused Vodka, Angostura Bitters, Lime, Ginger Beer
Can sub Vodka with Gin or Bourbon

Frosé All Day

French Brut Rosé, Lillet Blanc, Lavender Rose Syrup, Rose Petal Garnish, Frozen Cocktail

The D.A.C.

Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Yellow Chartreuse, Lemon, Salt & Pepper, Thyme

The Gentleman’s Champion

Gin, Scratch Sour, Buttermilk, Egg White, Aperol, Sherry Spray

Ginny the Greek

Gin, Lillet Blanc, Lemon, Honey, Greek Yogurt, Rosemary, Cracked Pepper

Georgia on My Mind

Bourbon Whiskey, Lemon, Peach Jam, Apple Cider, Grated & Fried Apple Garnish

Nonino Flip

Amaro Nonino, Grilled Pineapple, Vanilla, Lemon, Honey, Quail Egg, Nutmeg-Dusted Pineapple Wedge Garnish

Uncle Tony

2 Scoops Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream drizzled with Traverse City Cherry and Tahitian Vanilla Syrup served alongside a shot of Fernet Branca